Customer Experience Consulting

Independent thorough, in-depth investigation of your company’s entire customer service effort using a standardized diagnostic framework. This analysis permits to identify the customer service strengths and weaknesses, spot trends in the environment, and pinpoint specific problems and opportunities to be addressed by customer service efforts. Such an analysis facilitates the design of appropriate action to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness and build lasting experiences for your clients.

Gathering data on specified aspects of your customer experience and reporting the findings back to your company. Our trained mystery shoppers enable you measure the performance of your staff on the basis of your set objectives while acting as real customers.

Because knowing what your customers think about you is important, choosing the right tools to perform your satisfaction surveys and knowing which metric to be measuring and at what stage of the customer life cycle is also very important. Our team of experts performs this for you.

A customer journey map is a visual that outlines the story of your customer’s experiences with your brand from the first interaction with your business, from the client’s point of view. These journey maps can help build strong customer relationships, increase return-on-investment and guide your organization confidently into the future.

Have you been wondering on what the next strategic move for your organization should be? Have you been trying to define the right strategic orientation for your customer service team? We accompany you on this journey by sharing with your team the strategic CX options and tested effects of each strategic action. We equally advice on the tools needed to accompany this journey.

Online Marketing & Customer Engagement

Your online customer experience is an integral part of your Search Engine Optimization. The Concept of SEO has become a basic business need as the world gets digital and customers are using the internet and online services to locate and make their purchase decisions. We assist you develop and optimize a customer focus Search Engine Strategy.

An effective positioning strategy requires stories and appropriate messages to accompany it. Many organisations have great stories that are either not told,  wrongly presented, or not fin-tuned and optimized for the target audience. We create content that matters and helps make sense of your positioning strategies.

With today’s competitive, internet-driven market, companies must develop strategies to keep their customers focused on their brand. Staying top in your customers mind is necessary to build and grow customer relationships and establishing those relationships is engagement. An effective online engagement program needs to be established through all online platforms. Our team of experts are here to accompany your organization achieve this.

Don’t let your customers wait anymore.  We believe in 24/7 support and offer different customer service outsourcing solutions.  Outsourcing support can easily improve the authority of your company, save your time and money. Prevent losses of customers and revenue. Let our team of trained support agents do the work for you while you watch your customer satisfaction ratings grow.

In today’s data driven world using technology solutions to support (Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs is key.  Customer feedback management platforms (CFM) are especially well suited for this role. We offer you a wide range of solutions to choose from and guide your team on how to go about this process. We advise on the feedback systems that best fit your needs and deploy these solutions for you.

Customer Service Training and Certification

We offer a personalized training for each organization. Our training solutions are developed in a simple to understand format, based on acquiring skills that permits the organization to improve its customer loyalty, customer referrals, increase its customer satisfaction and increase revenue. We implant the foundations on which to build a customer centric organization and make your team members active participants in your customer transformation journey.

Because the customer service needs of each organization are different from another, this training offers the trainee customer service aptitudes specific to their job areas. The Diploma course has the following specializations: Bank Customer Experience, Hospital Customer Experience, Air Hostess & Transport Customer Experience, Retail Customer Experience, Hospitality Customer Experience and Call Center Agent.

Getting a professional certification can be a great way to learn new skills and gain an edge over your competition. Whether you’re a seasoned customer service professional or are new to the industry, completing a customer service certification program can help advance your career, open up new job opportunities and demonstrates your professional development aptitudes.

Research and Publications

Our CX blog offers insights, ground breaking research, best practices, and events surrounding customer experience. While giving a global perspective we lay emphasis on service experience in Africa.

Entrepreneurial development process designed to foster customer experience innovations through research, sharing of best practices, innovations and networking. Powered by CX TouchPoints and operational on University Campuses around the world. The core competence of the CX incubator program is the CX opportunities it is able to share with its tenants.

CX Research is a platform to share research and publications in the domain of Customer Experience. This publication platform in collaboration with academic institutions aims at providing academic data in the domain of customer Experience.

Customer Experience Events

We organize Customer Experience summits to enable sharing of industry innovations, best practices and ways of improving service delivery. Our CX summits in Africa brings together top CX executives and professionals and permits to build the foundations for CX in Africa.

The Customer Service Awards, is an opportunity to celebrate actors who distinguish themselves in Customer Service. This event permits to recognize those playing a key role in promoting service standards in Africa and best corporate actors in Each Country.

Are you hosting a CX event, conference, workshop and need an expert in the domain to enlighten and engage your audience. Then book one of our renowned CX speakers. 

Our CX networking breakfast is a local event that regroups CX professionals within a locality to share ideas and network over a cup of tea. During these events a CX expert is usually invited as guest of the day. Participants discuss real and immediate challenges of the profession and debate on best practices and industry trends.

During the first full week in October, the world celebrates the customer Service week. CX Touchpoint is an active organizer of the customer service week in Africa. We develop ideas, share resources and coordinate efforts towards a successful celebration in Africa.

Placements & Career Coaching

Our Customer Service aptitude test enables your organisation to identify the best performers by measuring the behavioral traits of each member of the team and performing a comparison with other participants. Different test are available to test different customer experience aspects. 

Organisations are trusting us to propose them candidates from our pool of certified and trained customer service professionals. We provide advice on the selection process of customer service staff, training for your newly recruited staff and offer you outsourcing of customer service staff.

Are you new to the profession and need guidance on the way forward. Our Ultimate guidance to a successful career in Customer service is the start point for you.

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