Is your Customer Service

Helping or Hurting Your Business

Why start your

Customer Service transformation?

Every organisation is created to provide goods and services to customers. Your approach towards customer service greatly explains the performance of your organisation. When customers are satisfied with your services, they remain loyal and speak positively about your organisation. 

We provide you with the technology and human capacity development needed to transform your customer service delivery. We provide customer service tools and resources for a successful customer service transformation.

What we Do

Human Capacity Building

We provide online and face-to-face customer service training and coaching. Adapted for small and big teams, and designed to provide the essential customer service skills needed by employees.

Technology transformation

We recommend and deploy technologies that can be used for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Feedback Management, Complaints Management, social media management and automation of marketing and sales processes.

Customer Service Research & Insights

We perform market research and publish customer service insights. Identify industry best practices, test customer experience  models and theories and provide insights on customer service in Africa.

Digital Marketing Management

We offer a complete digital marketing management solutions from developing a digital marketing plan, to building content for your website, social media post, email marketing and improving your brand value online.

Customer Service Events

From Customer experience summits and conferences to customer service awards, customer service networking and meetup events. We organize divers events that bring together  and empower customer service professionals in Africa.

Customer Service Training & Certification

We provide divers customer service training and certification programs for individuals who wish to demonstrate their mastery of customer service. These certification programs can be taken online or face-to-face.

CX TouchPoints Group

The Africa Customer Experience Experts

CX TouchPoints Group
employee customer service training 2

Employee Customer Service Training

We equip your team with the skills they need to understand your customers and deliver great customer service.


CRM Deployment

Jump-start your business CRM deployment today with minimal deployment time. Book a free consultation to discuss your needs.

Cover trainings

Customer Service Certification

Become a certified customer service professional and take your career to the next level.


Customer Service Events

Participate and network in groundbreaking customer service  summits and conferences around you.

Become a customer service professional

Career Development Program

Learn the skills and gain the tools needed to become a customer service professional. Let us coach you. 

CX TouchPoints Group

Customer Service Awards

Celebrating service excellence, celebrating leaders in the industry.

The Customer Service award is an opportunity to celebrate actors who have distinguished themselves in Customer service through the year.  Every year, in 60 countries around world, stakeholders come together to recognize the value of good service and to thank those who are putting in efforts. This event usually takes place during the international customer service week.

Let's help you

Take ownership of your Customer Experience

Marketing Automation

Enable your marketing teams efficiently run campaigns and pass on quality leads to Sales.

Social Media Management

Leverage the instantaneous nature of social media to easily connect with new leads and capture your customers’ attention on every platform.

Website Visitor Tracking

Understand exactly what your website visitors are looking for and assist them online.

Help Desk & Support

Empower customers to find answers to questions, effective ticket management and support on all platforms

Sales Automation

Automate sales processes and empower your sales reps to focus on creating and nurturing leads, closing deals, and growing your customer relationships.

Emails for Sales People

Personalize your email messages and campaigns using contextual data from your lead and customer records.

Customer Surveys

Enable your customers provide instant feedback wherever they are, so your teams can make informed decisions

CX Metrics & KPI

Visually analyze customer  data and create insightful reports & dashboards to track your key customer experience indicators.

Your CX Transformation

Step 1

Book a Consultation

Our experts will discuss your objectives and set a project timeline with you based on your budget and needs.

Step 2

Customer Analysis

Our team performs an analysis of your current efforts, identify your customer touch points and develop a strategy to adopt.

Step 3

CRM Implementation

We put in place the software and systems needed, train your team on how to use them and identify how to measure its efficiency.

CX TouchPoints

We are the Africa Customer Experience Experts.

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