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Customer Experience Transformation.

Developing a customer experience strategy that is capable of capturing the voice of the customer and putting the customer at the centre of every action, is the surest way to boost customer satisfaction and create sustainable value for any organization. We provide individuals and organizations with the training and tools needed to transform their customer experiences and create value for the customer and the organization.  

Corporate Customer Experience Training

Industry-specific customer Service/Experience training and team building for your teams.

Individual CX certification programs

Customer Service & Experience certification programs for different career levels.

Deployment of customer Experience Tools

Selection, deployment and training on customer experience tools and software.

Customer Service Events

Customer Service conferences, summits, meetups and networking  events in Africa.

Customer Experience Management

Customer service audits, feedback management and customer experience touchpoints analysis.

Customer Experience Research

Research and publications on customer experience with focus on Africa.

Customer Experience Talent Management

Recruitment, outsourcing and performance management of Customer Experience  Agents.

CX Standards conformity management

ISO 10002:2018 Quality management Customer satisfaction, ISO 23592, ISO/TS 24082 Service Excellence

CX TouchPoints Group

The Africa Customer Experience Experts

CX TouchPoints Group
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Africa Public sector customer experience project

Africa Public sector CX project is an initiative to improve the delivery of customer experience in the public service in African countries.

2017 Cameroon customer service awards

Cameroon Customer Service Excellence Awards

The Cameroon customer service excellence award is Cameroon’s premier customer experience awards program run by CX Touchpoints Group.


Customer Service Career Development Program

At what point are you in your customer service career? Explore the milestones and competencies through your career journey.


The Cameroon Customer Service Fair

One week long Customer Service Fair characterized by games, musical presentations, company animations, promotions, and customer service activities. 

CX TouchPoints Group

Africa Customer Experience Events

Every year, we organise a series of customer experience events all over Africa. From local customer service meetups, to country specific customer experience summits, the Africa Customer service awards as well as activities marking the celebration of the customer service week in Africa. 

Our goal is to keep building the biggest network of customer experience professionals in Africa, inspire positive action in the industry and celebrate best practices.

Let's help you

Take ownership of your Customer Experience

Customer Relationship Management.

Build strong and sustainable relationships with your customers and create more value for them.

Omnichannel Customer experiences

Move from old and disconnected multichannel experiences to a unified omnichannel experience. 

Master your customer Touchpoints

Understand the different ways in which customers come in contact with your brand and how they feel at each contact point.

Help Desk & Support

Empower customers to find answers to questions, effective ticket management and support on all platforms

Customer loyalty Strategies

Develop a unique loyalty strategy for your brand and make it easy for customers to perform repeat purchase and recommend you to others. 

Build Customer centric teams

Give your frontline staff the training they need to interact well with customers, be there for the customer and create winning experiences.

Customer Feedback management

Enable your customers provide instant feedback wherever they are, so your teams can make informed decisions.

Customer Experience Metrics & KPIs

Visually analyze customer  data and create insightful reports & dashboards to track your key customer experience indicators.

Your CX Transformation

Step 1

Book a Consultation

Fill out a simple form providing us with your contact details. Our team will reach out to you to discuss your project.

Step 2

Situational Analysis

Our team will perform an analysis of your current efforts, identify your customer touchpoints and develop a strategic plan.

Step 3

CX Transformation

We put in place the tools, software and systems needed, train your team and identify how to measure the success.

CX TouchPoints Group

We are the Africa Customer Experience Experts.

CX TouchPoints Group

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