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Redefining the approach to Customer Experience, building the next generation of customer experience leaders.

About the CX Incubator Program

Entrepreneurial development process designed to foster customer experience innovations through research, sharing of best practices, innovations, and networking.

Powered by CX-Touchpoints and operational on University Campuses around the world.

The core competence of the CX incubator program is the CX opportunities it is able to share with its tenants.

Who can Participate

Students in a University or College, who are interested in building their competencies in Customer Experience, network with industry professionals and be part of a word wide network of people passionate about improving customer experience.

Students of Marketing, Business or social sciences  interested in doing research in the area of Customer Service and the Customer



  • Candidate Pool
  • Selection of Candidates

Black Box of Incubation

  • Resource Sharing
  • Performance Management
  • Training and Development
  • Innovations
  • CX Research


  • Career Development
  • Publication of Insights
  • CX Data Bank


Black box of incubation

The black box of Incubation explains the core activities carried out by participants of the Incubation program. These activities are performed by each group in line with the regional and cultural specifications of the given country. The information is shared in the common platform for best practices.

Customer Experience data: Data sharing permits to open up the tenants to the research of the institute as well as to its data bank and library resources to enable them to have the literature framework for research and their studies.


Customer experience Opportunities: This opens the tenants to CX events around the world, CX grants, national and international customer experience events that could be a source for networking and mentorship.


Customer Experience Jobs: This permits to update tenants on possible vacancies on customer experience jobs. The job requirements to enable them to acquire the needed skills while in school. Tenants also through institutes’ industry partnerships are open to Customer experience placements and internships.

Career Milestones: This identifies the key milestones in the career of the tenant. Through a career coaching session, the tenant is capable of identifying the key milestones to be overcome to reach the optimal skillset. The progress is monitored and feedback constantly given to the tenant.

Customer Experience Aptitude: to ensure that the tenant continuously benefits from CX growth and ensure that the tenant is progressing in the incubator program. CX aptitude test would permit to showcase the dominant attitude of the tenant. Contrast this with the desired attitude of CX professionals. The tenant will then be advised on points of amelioration.

Customer Experience Publications: Tenants would be drilled on scientific writing and would be expected to continuously write and publish customer experience articles. These could be published in the university press. The institute will publish the best articles on its Customer experience insights magazine and partner journals.

Industry Customer experience training: This enables the tenants to specialize in trainings relative to the industry of their interest; hospitality Customer Service, Hospital customer Experience, Transport customer experience, retail customer experience, and Banking customer experience.

Industry Placements: This permits the tenants to benefit from placements with its partner organisations or diverse companies that solicit interns and trained workers form the institute, it gives the tenants a structured exposure.

Career preparedness Program: Understanding that most customer experience roles are front desk or customer-facing roles, the career preparedness program equips the tenants with job focus skills such as: negotiation skills, communication skills, time management skills, stress management, etc necessary for frontline staff.

Customer Experience Challenge or genius Program: The tenants will join other tenants over the country to participate in CX challenges and genius program. This program seeks to identify geniuses and stimulate creative ideas and products that are capable of transforming the customer experience industry. Winners will benefit from funding to mass-produce the concept and make it universally applicable. 

Customer Experience innovations / Funding: Tenants would be open to create think thanks around key customer experience problems in view of coming up with solutions that solve these problems. Problem arrears will be regularly shared with the tenants and best solutions would be funded through partner funding programs.

Customer Experience Research / Funding: Customer experience research would be encouraged by tenants. These research works which must respect all scientific cannons could be in view of their graduate thesis or scientific papers they wish to present. This research could receive full or partial funding depending on the problem areas and the needs of the tenants.

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