Customer service standards conformity management

Customer Service/ experience compliance to international standards management.

Customer Service Standards Conformity Management

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International Customer Service Standards

ISO standards we cover.

  • ISO 10001:2018 Quality Management customer satisfaction – guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations.

  • ISO 10002:2018 Quality Management customer satisfaction, guidelines for complaints handling in an organization, guidelines for dispute resolution external to the organization..

  • ISO 23592: 2021 Service Excellence principles and model.

  • ISO/TS 24082:2021 Service Excellence designing excellent service to achieve outstanding customer experience.

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Customer Service/ experience compliance to international standards management.

A crucial part of your customer experience management is insuring that your processes and systems and organization meet up to international standards

One way of being competitive is ensuring that you know what the competitive playing ground looks like and that you can assess how well you align with the norm.

CXTG Covers (5)

certify your organization against ISO customer service/experience standards?

Process Alignment

Setting up your processes to align to ISO standards


Preparing all the documentation needed to aligns with ISO standards.

ISO Audit

Preparing your organization and team for an ISO Audit.

CX Standards

The value of compliance with ISO Customer service/experience standards

  • Standardization: Develop a uniform customer experience process that you can scale across your organization and which meets international standards.

  • Consistency in service delivery: These standards enable you to offer service excellence consistently as there is a clear structure for deploying and measuring the experiences.
    • Improved resilience on the loss of human capital: Your organization ceases to be dependent on a few high-performing employees and now becomes dependent on a robust internal system.
    • This better prepares and immunizes an organization from a shock of highly qualified individuals leaving the org-handicapped when they quit.
    • Customer centricity: These standards permit you to operate based on a structural design to create positive experiences for customers. The standards guarantee you put the customer at the heart of your operations.
    • Competitive advantage: Arm your organization against competitive shock by deploying global standards plus your unique touch. This blend guesses you a unique competitive advantage and powers up your organization for success.
    • Quality assurance: ISO standards are designed to quality assure your activities. This focus on quality is a sustainable approach that permits the creation of more value for both the organization and the customer

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