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Listening to the voice of the customer

Listening to the voice of the Customer

What is the voice of the customer? Every firm desires to have loyal customers who through their consistent patronage eventually become company brand ambassadors or brand evangelists. A key strategy ...

Customer Intimacy : The greatest business secret

To achieve sustainable market shares, companies must embrace a competitive strategy. Treacy, M. & Fred Wiersma, F (2017) describe 3 competitive strategies to be used; operational excellence, customer intimacy and ...

The Customer Service Code of Conduct

The Customer Service code of conduct is a guide on core values and expected behavior for Customer service professionals developed by CX TouchPoints Group. Values CheerfulnessEmpathyResponsivenessRespectHonesty Conduct Always keep in ...
voice of the customer

Voice of the customer: collecting customer feedback.

Author: Mbinkar, Kpunsa Fomunyuy. This article on the voice of the customer aims at defining what this term means, identifying ways of collecting customer feedback and demonstrating a practical approach ...

There shall be no return to normal: Focal points for the post-COVID customer experience strategy

Many people think that as soon as this crisis is over, they will rapidly return to life before COVID-19. Unfortunately, life after COVID-19 will not be the same. The COVID ...
2021 Customer Service Predictions

10 Customer Service Predictions for 2021

If 2020 was to be given a name or a theme, we all will agree that name will be 'the extraordinary year'. One in which the world experienced a major ...
Employee Experience (EX) the new HR Strategy.

Employee Experience (EX) the new HR Strategy.

This article defines the concept of employee experience, identifies the different phases in the employee experience journey, reviews the role of the employee as the ‘consumer of the workplace’, and ...
Customer bill of rights

What is the Customer Service Bill of Rights?

Defining you customer service strategy is one thing but communicating that position to the customers is another thing all together. In this article we would understand what a customer's bill ...
employee experience

How to improve Employee Experience

Employee experience is neglected and relegated to the background in many organizations. Think of a machine with several parts. For the machine to be fully operational and enable us to ...

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