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Taking your customer experience to the next level.

Are you having difficulties getting your team to offer consistently good service that makes you stand out and outsmart your competitors?

Are you looking for the right tools to manage your business processes or customer engagement?

We are the leading customer experience management firm in Cameroon, offering a vast number of solutions that will help you create more value for your customers and sustainable profits for your company what we do:


Your Customer Service problems

We can diagnose your business to help you understand what your customer service problems are, and how to resolve them. 

Your employee's competencies

We can train your team on the highest customer experience standards and enable you to achieve your business results faster.

Customer Relationship Management tools

We can provide you with the right tools needed for your digital transformation and for managing your customers.

Customer Service employees you need.

We can help you recruit high-performing customer service and sales agents or outsource our trained professionals.


Customer Service training tailored for your team

From basic training for small teams to high-level customer experience training and coaching, we have got you covered. We work with the world’s biggest management body the chattered Management Institute UK to ensure that we provide you with training and certification that meets international standards.


Software and tools to transform your Customer Experience

From Africa’s most used tools for business transformation (Zoho) to the world’s most renowned tools for the management of business processes (SAP) we have got you covered. We leverage CX technologies such as  Zoho, SAP Customer Experience, Sandsiv, Survey2Connect and more to offer you the right tools for your customer experience transformation. 


Customer Experience Networking Events

We organize Cameroon’s biggest customer experience events; bring together the country’s leading customer experience directors, and moderate high-level discussions on customer experience best practices for different industries in Cameroon.



Let us talk about your project.

Customer Experience Audits

We audit your CX efforts from the perspective of over 16 CX variables that give a clear picture of your organization’s customer experience health.

Mystery Shopping Services

We provide you with the technical mystery shopping services needed to certain how well your teams are performing.

Customer journey mapping

Our customer journey maps help you profile and identify how your clients interact with your brand in order to improve their experiences.

Employee CX Training

We offer you training tailored to your business needs and empower your employees to deliver great customer service.

Recruitment CX Agents

Are you looking for the right people for your team? We assist you to recruit people with the needed customer service skills.

Agent Performance Management

Do you have a team that is no longer performant? We assist you to develop a system to measure your team’s Customer service Performance.

CX Strategy Blueprints

We assist you with expert guidance as you identify what models and frameworks are ideal for your organization and develop guides and strategy blueprints.

Customer Design Thinking

Are you thinking of ways in which you can put the customer at the centre of what you do? We assist you to achieve a customer-centric way of doing business.

Customer Data Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that permits you to centralize and manage customer data.

Feedback management

A voice of the Customer program that permits you to capture your customer’s impressions about the service they are receiving.

Complaints Management

Make it easy to collect customer complaints and manage them in a proactive and centralised manner across the organisation. 

E-commerce Management

Make it easy to present your products to the customers and offer sufficient information and a seamless customer journey.

Marketing Automation

Enable your marketing teams efficiently run campaigns and pass on quality leads to Sales.

Social Media Management

Leverage the instantaneous nature of social media to easily connect with new leads and capture your customers’ attention on every platform.

Website Visitor Monitoring

Understand exactly what your website visitors are looking for and engage with them online in a proactive way.

Help Desk & Support

Empower customers to find answers to questions, effective ticket management and support on all platforms.

Sales Automation

Automate sales processes and empower your sales reps to focus on creating and nurturing leads, closing deals, and growing your customer relationships.

Emails for Sales People

Personalize your email messages and campaigns using contextual data from your lead and customer records.

Customer Surveys

Enable your customers to provide instant feedback wherever they are, so your teams can make informed decisions.

CX Metrics & KPI

Empower customers to find answers to questions, effective ticket management and support on all platforms.



Let us talk about your project.

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