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Who we are

CXTouchpoints is a leading Customer Experience organization. Delivering high value customer experience consultancy services and winning online customer engagement solutions. We provide tools needed to transform leads into loyal customers.  Our tailored trainings and digital solutions permit to build professional and customer centric staff. Our SEO, Content marketing and Digital solutions enable successful customer engagements and successful deployment of online customer experience strategies.

We take your brand to where your customers are, we make you seen where you want to be seen, we create the level of expectations you want in your customers and we give your team the tools they need to offer an experience that exceeds this expectations and creates lasting positive perceptions.

Our membership program permits you to be on the know of what is changing the customer experience landscape, gives you access to free training that boast your skills, makes you part of a big network of customer experience professionals and gives you access to high value industry resources and events.

Why choose us?

No one masters the Customer Experience in Africa better than us. Our unique approach takes into cognizance cultural shifts.  

Because each organisation is unique, and each customer segment has its uniqueness, we work with your team to create solutions that tie with your corporate objectives and specific to your needs.

Before we engage on your customer experience transformation, we measure the current situation and perform a customer experience audit. We then set measurable objectives and use new technologies to measure the reach of our actions.

We use techniques that have been proven to work by other organisations. We use tools that have accounted for the success of many organisations.

From our Training Solutions, to online customer engagement, we make every dollar your invest on your transformation journey work for you.

Our team of seasoned professionals have both the skill set and and experience doing what we do. 

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