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About CX masterclass

Our Customer experience masterclass is an opportunity for customer experience professionals and decision makers to improve their competence and knowledge on topical customer experience issues. These sessions are organised every month and cut through different topics and focus areas in customer service and experience management. The sessions begin with a 1 hour presentation of concepts, followed by interaction with participants.

Upcoming Sessions

30th january 2021

Planning, Deploying and Measuring Customer Experiences

We all know that improving customer experience is beneficial for both the customers and the organisation. However, the big question remains how to plan, implement and measure the success of customer experience programs. The goal of this training is to provide you with the basics on how to manage a customer experience transformation program.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the value of customer experience.
  • Master the 3 key customer experience variables.
  • Learn a simple model on how to implement a customer experience program.
  • Learn modern ways of measuring customer experience.

Participation: Free  | 100 seats | Duration 1h:30min | Language: English


13th February 2021

Performing Customer Touchpoints Analysis

Customers interact with brands through different contact points. Each of these contact points is called a touchpoint. Touchpoints analysis enables you identify the different touchpoints of a brand, classify and weigh these touchpoints in order to allocate resources in a way that optimizes the customer experience. Great customer experiences are designed and deployed. Mastering touchpoints analysis is a valuable competence for every customer experience leader.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the importance of touchpoint analysis.
  • Learn a basic technique of performing touchpoints analysis.
  • Know how to optimize customer experience at every touchpoint.

Participation: Free  | 100 seats | Duration 1h:30min | Language: English

12th March 2021

Designing and deploying Customer Journey Maps.

Customer Journey maps are a simulation of the path the customers take as they interact with brands. While these paths vary from one customer to another, it is possible to create a representative picture of the path taken by customers with certain common attributes. It is possible to identify who your ideal customer is, simulate how they interactions with your brand and develop strategies to improve their experience at every stage of their journey.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to develop user personas that reflect your ideal customer base.
  • Learn new techniques and tools for performing customer journey maps.
  • Understand how to design experiences at each stage of the customers’ journey. 

Participation: Free  | 100 seats | Duration 1h:30min | Language: English

We are the Africa CX Experts

Customer Service Training & Certification

Whether you are looking for a short or intensive program, looking to train a small or large team, dealing with employees of varied ages and educational backgrounds, we got you covered. Our team of expert trainers have years of experience refining customer service solutions and working for multinationals in different countries.

We understand the specificities of customer service in Africa. We have performed hundreds of trainings for different age groups and in different countries all over Africa. Our training methodology focuses on shaping behaviors and using practical examples from the trainees’ everyday life, making the training more interactive and the concepts easily retained. Our track record of success delivering customer service transformation is our key strength.

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