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CX-Touchpoints partners with Zoho

Zoho One is an integrated suite of 45+ applications with advanced enterprise-class capabilities that multiply the ROI for your business. Manage your sales, marketing, finance, human resources, operations, and much more with this easy-to-use, all-in-one solution.

CX Touchpoints Group and Zoho One Partner to Transform Customer Experience in Africa

CX Touchpoints Group, a leading Customer Experience organization in Africa, and Zoho One, an integrated suite of 45+ applications with advanced enterprise-class capabilities, today announced a partnership to transform customer experience in Africa.

Through this partnership, CX Touchpoints Group will offer its clients and partners access to Zoho One’s powerful suite of applications, including CRM, marketing automation, customer support, project management, and more. This will enable CX Touchpoints Group’s clients to create a unified customer view, automate tasks, and improve customer satisfaction.

“We are excited to partner with Zoho One to provide our clients and partners with the best possible customer experience solutions,” said CX Touchpoints Group CEO, Kpunsa F. Mbinkar.  “Zoho One’s integrated suite of applications will enable our clients to streamline their operations, improve their customer service, and grow their businesses.” CX Touchpoints Group’s expertise in customer experience and Zoho One’s powerful suite of applications will be a powerful combination for African businesses.


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