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"The customer service week is an opportunity for brands to rekindle the bond they share with their customers and employees"
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Customer service week 2020 United Bank of Africa

Taking to their social media channels the UBA group on the 4th of October, created the introductory suspense with the phrase “We have something for you”… “It’s that time of the year again”… #CustomerServiceWeek. Certainly UBA marketing department used this as an intro to the week’s activities. Many customer did not know what the bank was talking about as their comments flooded in with their banking issues, till @ekumachris changed the trend with his comment “I can’t wait”, only then did the customers get the message, the expectations started rising.

6 Major things could be observed from UBA customer service celebrations.

Appreciation: Celebrating under the theme “Dream team” UBA thanked its customers and reminded them that together they all formed the #UBADreamTeam. The customers were then invited to come to the branches where a surprise awaits them.

The Surprise: At the branches customers picked up small pieces of papers, which they could open to see what they had won. #UBAGhana shared a video of one of its customers who won a water bottle. The branches were uniquely decorated for the event to give the customers the feeling something special was happening.

Training: On Thursday at 2 PM the #UBABuisnessSeries, had a Customer Service Week special edition. With the Group Head, Marketing and Customer Experience @MichelleNwoga sharing insights on Improving Business Bottom-line Through Great CX Strategy

Online Engagement: The celebrations were not just in store, the bank invited its customers to Facebook, for the #UBAFacebookLive: Customer Service Week edition. With the goal to reward customers for being a big part of #UBADreamTeam. They promised a big win give away 10 lucky people. They asked very simple question like: How many African countries does UBA operate in?. All the customers had to do was go to the Facebook page and type in their answers. With over 8k Comments 1.8K likes, Marie animated the session, reiterating the importance of the customer service week and the value of the customers to UBA. It was fun the customers engaged and 12 lucky winners won N5000 each and 10 others free N1000 airtime.

Voice of the customer: The bank also used the opportunity to ask the customers what they would want as the bank celebrated this year’s edition of the customer service week.  The customers poured in with over 364 Comments.

Team Building: The bank did not leave out the employees. Employee engagement was awesome with employees asked to represent their sports team on day 3 in UBA Ghana. Everyone had the sportswear of their favourite football team, it must have been fun and I assure for the men the discussion must have gotten heated #FootballThings

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What lessons can we learn from UBA

  • There was in-store and online engagement, using different communication channels. This Omni-channel approach is very vital for a more efficient customer engagement.
  • There was top management involvement, with leadership actively involved in customer service efforts this demonstrates to the entire team that customer service is a companywide affaire.
  • The celebrations were not limited to external customers. Performing teambuilding activities like the Sports favorite team activity in the Ghana affiliate, improves team collaboration and internal customer experience.
  • Throughout the process the company used the opportunity to gather customer feedback while making use of different communication channels.

Africa CX Stories is an initiative to inspire action through customer service success stories. Thank your UBA for demonstrating your dedication to customer service excellence during this years customer service week. For taking out the week to acknowledge that you are there because of your customers.  Despite the challenges that go with service delivery you reminded them that together you form the #UBADreamTeam and so together you can make UBA better. Thank you for promoting customer Service excellence in Africa #AfricaCXStories #UBAGroup #CustomerServiceWeek #CSWeekAfrica #CXTouchpointsgroup

Editor:  Mbinkar Kpunsa Fomunyuy |Author|CX Coach|CX Expert|

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