What is CX Networking Breakfast

CX Networking Breakfast is a CX Touchpoints Networking and capacity building meeting. The activities revolve around a breakfast meeting, where participants learn from an invited Expert, brainstorm on CX trends that directly affect them and share best practices to improve their CX practice.

At these meetings everyone feels welcome. Members genuinely understand that helping others develop their competences is the very best way to exploit new opportunities and career growth. These Networking sessions give young professionals the possibility to get mentorship and coaching from senior professionals.

Do you need:

Know Customer Experience professionals in your locality?

Learn trends that are affecting your daily practice of customer service?

Build business friends and connections?

Get top industry training while taking a cup of coffee?

Know what the next big move could be in your career?


If so, you should consider being a CX Touchpoints Member and joining us at our next event near you!