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Kindly Type the Certificate ID in the search bar below. Please note that this database is uniquely for Customer Service Junior Practitioner, Customer Service Professional, Customer Service Manager and Customer Experience leader Designations. Designations such as CICSP and CCXMP can be verified directly with ACI-USA and CMI-UK respectively.

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Certificate Verification

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The Value of customer service Certification

Customer needs are changing rapidly, increasing the pressure on organizations to meet up customer service standards.  Organizations now have to deal with two strong external forces; the customer on the one hand and competition on the other hand. Due to this pressure, many organizations now recruit only people whose attitude and personality make them culturally fit. They are looking for employees who can proactively anticipate customer needs, deliver winning customer experiences and transform customers to brand advocates.

To achieve these, many organizations have created internal training programs that define the organizations’ customer experience culture, identify what is expected from employees and outlines how to handle the customer. Those that do not have an internal training program, encourage team members to participate in external training programs.

As an employee, the bottom line is that you need to acquire customer service skills if you want to distinguish yourself from your peers, improve your performance on the job, and achieve faster career growth. Today, we live in the Customer age, and more and more customer-centric organizations are giving more power to employees to deliver winning customer experiences. This places you (the employee) at the centre of the customer transformation journey of your organization. A Customer Service certification demonstrates your competencies and culture fit to be part of the CX transformation in any organization.

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