The Customer Service Code of Conduct

The Customer Service code of conduct is a guide on core values and expected behavior for Customer service professionals developed by CX TouchPoints Group.


  • Cheerfulness
  • Empathy
  • Responsiveness
  • Respect
  • Honesty


  1. Always keep in mind that organisations exist because of customers. Your job exists because of the customer. Before you serve each customer keep in mind that they are the reason you are into business and serve them in a way that fulfills that mission.
  2. Maintain a positive attitude at all times, it is the right recipe for a great day at work.
  3. Always honour the promises made by the organisation to the customers and ensure they get the best deal.
  4. When a customer brings a complaint to you and you discover that is was their fault, still let them leave with dignity, without them feeling embarrassed or disgraced.
  5. Be grateful to customers for raising their complaints. It is a gift they are offering you. Many unsatisfied customers just walk away.
  6. When serving customers, tailor the level of engagement with each customer´s unique needs. Customers cherish personalization of products and services.
  7. Keep a smile at all times.
  8. Greet customers warmly and show them that you are happy to serve them.
  9. Notify your hierarchy quickly of any challenges and complaints you cannot handle and follow up on their resolution. Do not wait till things become out of control.
  10. Always update the customer on the evolution of their request, so as to avoid information gaps that lead to poor service.
  11. Know your customer’s names and learn to use it when interacting with them. This shows they are unique and you know them personally.
  12. Look neat at all times. Your looks are part of your body language and could be sending wrong signals.
  13. Do not discuss non-work related issues with a colleague when serving a customer. Even when it is work-related discussions, be brief and focus on the customer.
  14. Never shout or talk across a customer, move to the person you want to talk to and talk in a calm and low tone. Talking loudly makes you look unprofessional.
  15. Take time to know your products and services. Customers nowadays are very knowledgeable and can verify the facts you present. A display of a lack of product knowledge leads to a poor experience.
  16. Provide the right information to customers. Do not trick them into signing deals or buying products.
  17. Carefully assess your customer’s needs and recommend the best products for them, even if they are not the most profitable for the company.
  18. Never share the customers’ private information without their consent.
  19. Display equal respect for all customers. No customer is more important than another.
  20. Always give customers a listening ear, listening enables you to get the facts of their story and also permits them to explain their needs.
  21. Your first job description is to give every customer at every interaction with you, their best experience ever with your brand.
  22. Your colleagues are not your competitors always share your customer service best practices with them and be open to learning from them.
  23. Never take personal what the customer says or writes when they are frustrated. Remain composed and act professionally at all times. This could be the beginning of their best experience with the brand if handled well.
customer service code of conduct
Customer Service Code of Conduct #34
  1. At the end of every interaction, thank the customer for coming and ask them if they are satisfied with the service received.
  2. Notify your hierarchy of any observations about a customer’s behaviour which could lead to a future bad experience, this proactive way of dealing with problems creates ravings fans.
  3. Do not wait for problems to erupt, solve potential problems as they are developing. This is a demonstration of customer experience heroism.
  4. Do your work well, keeping it simple and easy, this makes your colleague’s work better.
  5. Use positive language at all times when discussing with customers and colleagues, do not criticize or condemn.
  6. Be polite and courteous, this makes you more accessible and makes it easy for customers to approach and trust you.
  7. Take ownership of the complaints customers bring to you. Follow up until they are resolved and notify the customers when a solution has been obtained.
  8. Acknowledge emails and electronic submissions within the same day of reception.
  9. Be time conscious and notify your hierarchy about challenges you have before and not after the deadline.
  10. Above all know that your mission is to be the bridge between the heart of the customer and the heart of the company.
Customer service code of conduct

This is the Customer service code of conduct, a fair representation of what makes great customer service professionals. #CustomerServiceCode

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