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Customer Focused Websites

A key element in in developing an omni-channel customer experience is having a customer focused websites. A website plays a central role in online customer engagement and digital strategy.


Developing a unique
brand identity

Before engaging in a web development project you must create your brand identity. A brand identity is the set of colors, fonts and design sets that define your brand. It consists of developing a logo, and choosing the right colors for your brand. This is very vital as it permits to have consistency in your designs and makes it easy for your customers to identify your brand, thus permitting you build a customer focused website.




Conversion focus website

Designing a website must be done with the customer in mind. Every page and all tools used should be aimed at guiding the customer through their journey. Your website must be able to capture the leads, so you can engage them and convert them to paying customers.


Content that Matters

A sale today is not about telling the customer; buy! Buy! Buy! It’s about creating value for the customers through your brand. A key aspect of marketing today is being able to offer free value to customers and build a reputation. This can be achieved through strategic content that gives relevance to your products and confidence to potential buyers. 




Optimized for search engines

With more and more companies going online, Google and other search engines make revenue from providing the most relevant search results. These search engines have a way in which they scan through millions of websites to show sites that provide more relevant information. Your website must be optimized for search engines, so as to make it easy for your potential customers to find you and improve your rankings on search engines.

Let us build you a customer focused website today


Designed for user experience

One important thing when developing a website is to know how users would access your site, how long they will typically remain on the site and actions they will need to perform while being on the site. Once you have knowledge of this it enables you to develop a site that is easy to access and use. The site must be mobile friendly, making it possible for users to access it by phone, tablets or computer. Thus a customer focused website.




Online Support and Complaints management

More and more customers now expect an immediate solution to their problems. One of the best ways of satisfying this need is to create a knowledge base with frequently asked questions and answers. This must go hand in hand with an efficient support system that permits customers who cannot find a solution to their problem to log it, and get follow up on the issue. You must develop your knowledge base and put in place a simple and reliable support system that permits you to account for all customer enquiries and respond in an organized way.


Online engagement.

What if you could know when each visitor lands on your site know what they are looking at and be able to initiate a meaningful discussion with them. Your website can do this for you. Keep track of your visitors’ behavior, be able to take more informed decisions and be there for your customers when they need you most. Thus better Customer relationship management.


What we do

At CX TouchPoints Group, we help you connect the dots. Building a customer focused website could never be easier. These are four services we offer.

Prepare your brand Identity

Logo, color sets, fonts, business cards, letter heads, roll-up designs

Build a customer focused Website

Website, online contact forms, survey forms, social media linkage.


Create content for your blog

Evaluation of needs your business satisfy, creation of articles and stories.


Support and Knowledge base

Develop frequently answered questions, setup support systems .


Transform your website into your best sales agent today.

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